Is your Personality Hurting your Business?

Many business owners often overlook the importance of learning the personalities of their customers, employees, and even themselves. They fail to notice how important personality is in choosing the right product and marketing for their business.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the different types of personalities and the tools you can use to identify them. But before anything else, we need to know what personality really means.

 What is Personality?

Personality is the characteristic, patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. These are usually formed through experiences in your childhood. 

Many people are say that it’s just their personality. That they can't do anything about it. Well, that is not true. Personalities are not fixed. It takes work but you can definitely change facets of your personality. 

 Why is this Important?

Understanding various personality types is important because it will help you to know what kind of marketing message you're going to give for your particular products. 

You have to know what to say to your customers to hook them to pay for your goods and services. If you pick the wrong one based on your audience, it's not going to be effective because they can’t relate to that message. 

One of the simplest and quickest ways to know the personality or behavior of a person is through the DISC assessment. 

 What is DISC assessment? 

DISC is a behavior assessment tool being used to determine a person’s behavior and how will they react and handle different types of situations. 

The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are also identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. There is a lot of free DISC assessment online you can use or take. Just search it on Google and pick one of the assessments and you will get the results immediately. 

 The Four Major Classes of Behavior from DISC 

After you take the assessment, you will then be classified on one of these four main behavioral classes: 


These are people that emphasize accomplishing results. They value professionalism and appreciate efficiency. When talking to them, keep your statements short and to the point because they don't want to waste their time repeating. 

In terms of business, you can take advantage of their competitive streak and show them how your product will help their company compete with others in their industry. Emphasize how your product will solve their business’ problems. 

Cutting-edge features won't impress them unless you can demonstrate why they will be useful to their organization. 


These are types of people who put emphasis on influencing or persuading others. They relate to openness and positive communication within relationships. 

People of this kind are at their most comfortable in a social situation and interact with others in an open and expressive way. They are most motivated when surrounded by other people, and with the scope to communicate freely.

These people are suitable in areas of sales, marketing, PR, and other roles where they are able to use their communicative abilities to their fullest. Those with high Influence are often found in roles that involve teaching or training, and they can be highly effective in not only communicating ideas but also inspiring others with their dynamic attitude. 


These are people who place emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, and dependability. 

In terms of business, it takes time to build rapport with them. They need to feel safe in their relationship with your company before they'll be comfortable doing business with you.

You can bring up examples of similar clients who have successfully used your product. Give them a personal guarantee that your company will refund their purchase if they're not satisfied and they can cancel at any time. These will calm their mind and reduce anxieties, thus make them likely to buy. 


These are types of people who place emphasis on quality, accuracy, expertise, and competency. They think very analytically and systematically, and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up. 

They take their time to carefully consider options and implications when making decisions. They have structured ways of thinking, and often show particular strengths when it comes to organizing facts or working with precise detail or sophisticated systems.

They also don’t need to be social at work and would be fine working alone. They need an environment where tasks and projects can be followed through to completion and especially excel in specialized or technical tasks due to their attention to detail. 


Aside from the DISC assessment, another personality test you can look into is the Enneagram Personality Test. 

What is Enneagram?

This test will help you increase your self-knowledge and how you respond to conflict. It will help you identify what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems.

The personality test will show you which of the 9 personality types suits you best. It tells you the "why" behind each behavior and emotion in a given personality. 

 The 9 types of Personality based on Enneagram 

1. The Perfectionist 

These are people who aim for perfection. They want themselves, others, and the world to be perfect.

2. The Helper 

These are people who really want to serve and meet the needs of other people to win their approval and love. 

3. The Achiever

These people have the need to succeed and appear successful. They will avoid failure at all costs

4. The Individualist

These people feel that there is something wrong or missing with them so they need to be special and unique. 

5. The Observers

These people feel the need to perceive and understand everything. They are the information gatherers. 

6. The Loyalist

These people see the world as chaotic and dangerous. They are anxious about a lot of what-ifs. They need the world to be safe to live.

7. The Enthusiast 

These people pursue fun and adventures. They come up with things to do and explore all ideas to avoid negative feelings.

8. The Challenger

These people exert strength and power over the environment to mask vulnerability or weakness within.

9. The Peace Maker 

These are people who feel the need to maintain peace and keep connections at all costs. 

Final Note 

Understanding your personality traits as well as those of others  will help you build a better relationship. You will be able to handle different situations better and can provide solutions faster.

Once you have self-knowledge, you can start to make different choices. You will be more decisive since you will already know the effect of that choice you made in your life. 


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