Hacks To Grow Your Store And Make More Money

Did you know that 40% of Americans say they are not comfortable returning to retail stores in the next 3 to 6 months? And all of us noticed this because of the pandemic and everything that's going on right now. 

But for us doing e-commerce, this is gold. We want more people to shop online. The next 3 to 6 months will also be the biggest selling season of the year because of the holidays. 

So in this article, I’m going to discuss some hacks and apps that can help you grow your store and make more money. 

Hacks and Apps that can help you Grow your Store

1. Scarcity Tactics 

The scarcity tactic is a way of increasing demand for a particular product based on the idea that the item is soon to be out of stock or being offered for a limited time only. The reason why this tactic is effective is that when a good or service is perceived to be scarce, people want it more. So you will create artificial scarcity to drive demand.

You can deploy these tactics in your e-commerce store. A good place to put them is in the announcement or your hello bar. That's the area right above your header and your logo. You want to have something free like shipping. But don't just put free shipping. You want it to end at a specific date in time. So free shipping ends on 7/7 at 11:59 PM, something like that. You want to create that scarcity.

Another good place to put some of your scarcity tactics is on the product page itself. You can put “low stock item” or set the product quantity to one (1) so that people would think that there's not a lot of these products left anymore. You want them to feel like, “Hey, if I miss this deal, I'm out of luck”. So we want to push people over the vine fence. We want to help them make that decision to shop and buy.  

2. Free Shipping 

 A lot of us experienced shopping online where the price of the product is not an issue but when we’re about to check out and see the shipping cost, now the second thought comes in.  We don't want to eat the shipping cost and we don’t want it also for our customers. So what we can do is to wrap the cost into the price. With this, customers will not have second thoughts again after clicking the buy button since the shipping is already free. 

3. Freebies with Orders over $100

 Giving freebies can create a positive buzz for your brand. It also improves customer relationships and will likely share with others, which helps you reach a whole new group of potential customers. I put here over a hundred dollars, but do whatever makes sense in your store. It could be freebies with orders over $50 or $200. But you want it to be some kind of a related product. It has to be inexpensive but still valuable. It should be lightweight and easy to ship. 

 So just keep in mind that we need to enhance the customer experience. A lot of us are selling the same kinds of products and giving freebies can set you apart from your competitors.  

4. Spin to Win

 The goal of the spin to win is to collect email addresses. It lets your visitors enter their email for a chance to win awesome discounts and prizes once they reach your site. You can use this tactic to grow the top of your marketing funnel in a creative way for your audience.

 You can search on Google to find some apps you can integrate into your site that can do this. If you’re using Shopify, you can check Privy and Omnisend and it’s free. You can tweak the colors to fit your brand. You need to collect email addresses of everyone that visits your store. It’s important because it gives you the ability to speak directly to your customers and build long-term relationships

5. Use Videos in Product Images 

You may want to use videos in your product images and it should look very professional. Youtube is a good place to check for how-tos, like how to do these and how to set up the lighting, etc. Sometimes your suppliers will also have videos and you can use those for your product images. 

 There's also this cool app that I recently found in Shopify called Videofy. You can upload three to seven of your product images and it creates a nice video for you and it’s free. Just take note that if you have lots of products in your store, like 300 to 500 products and you have a video on each one, it may slow your site’s load time. So you might want to play with that a little bit. 

6. Handwritten Notes and Cards 

 Having handwritten notes and cards in your products is something super special. Sometimes you'll get a box and they may have a letter like, “thank you for your order” and “it means so much to us”, something like that. You want to have something like this as well in your products. 

 You need to think about ways to stand out and sometimes it’s good to be sentimental with your customers. We're building that connection when they want to purchase that kind of item. If you ship your own products, you can write your thank you cards or something that shows appreciation to your customers. Again, we want them to think about us.

 7. Sticker Mule

Sticker mule is kind of the same thing as the handwritten notes and cards but this is a little bit more branded. These are just little stickies but think of ways that you can add that special touch and show that you took some time with their order. 

There's a lot of options you can choose from, like custom stickers, labels, magnets, and custom tape. Always think about how you can leave a lasting impression, lasting enough that when they need that item again, they will think about your brand. 

8. Lucky Orange

 This tool helps you discover why 99% of your visitors never turn into customers. It allows you to spy on them. It records what they do from the moment they enter your store until they leave. It's really neat if you're in Shopify working on the back end of your store and someone jumps in, you will hear a doorbell sound like a ding dong and that means that someone is actively in your store at that moment. 

 You can also go over and watch the footage as they're going through your store and see whatever it is that they're looking at. There are heat maps. So you can see what they're clicking on as they're scrolling through. And that's exactly what this app allows you to do.

9. Go Viral 

 Go Viral performs just like those previous apps mentioned that give freebies. So customers come to your store and they subscribe to your email list. As soon as they enter their name and their email address, they're going to get another pop-up and it's going to say, “Hey would you like something else free?” Like an enticing coupon or discount code.

 The only thing they need to do to get this freebie is to go on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and share their friends about your store. And the tool is so intelligent that it even knows if the action was done so they can't get the freebie until they actually made the tweet or share. 

 If you sell any kind of digital product, those work best, and they convert really well. Some kind of a quick download and after they perform whatever it is you've asked them to do. They get that immediately. 

10. VIP List

 This is something simple. We want several different ways to collect those email addresses. This is all about building our email list and collecting email addresses from our customers. You want to include some kind of link on your menu. It can say, “join our VIP list”, “become a VIP insider”, or “insider club exclusive list”. 

This is very effective because who doesn't want to be a VIP, right? Make it seem and sound like it's someplace where they have to be. You check ConvertKit, MailerLite, Mailchimp, Privy, and Omnisend to do this. 

 What I do is I offer them products that are not available in my store, but you don't have to go to that extent. You could just offer them additional discounts or they can get something special by being a part of your VIP list. I send my VIP emails out on Mondays and Saturdays because those are good days for people to shop. You're going to make a lot of sales in these email lists. 

11. Email Welcome Series 

 The purpose of this is simply to welcome those who subscribe to your mail list. You can create a welcome series like introducing yourself and telling your story. 

 So you're sending them a series of about like seven emails over 14 days. Maybe that third or fourth email, you can include a coupon code to come back and shop with you. You can also send like a client testimonial, just something kind of sweet. The purpose of this email welcome series is not necessarily to sell but to build rapport and trust.

12. Mock-Ups

 If you want a custom design for your t-shirt, mugs, scarf, or whatever it is, mock-ups let you do it. You find the image that you want and you upload your design. It has to be more generic products. You couldn't have a shirt that had some kind of special stitching or anything like that. 

 Some of the mock sites out there that I use are Placeit, Smartmockups, Etsy, and Creative Market.  Having your brand name displayed on items are outstanding marketing tools because it allows your brand to be seen by potential customers. 

13. Hungry JPEG

 HungryJPEG is another one of my little secrets out there. They give you a lot of freebies. Every month they have a new set of freebies that you can get and you can use these in your emails and social media posts. If you're sending or creating any kind of marketing material, you can use their free fonts, images, templates, and planners. 

 They give you templates for different things like business cards, brochures, email, flyers, invitations, magazines, etc. So check out TheHungryJPEG.com for all your marketing needs. 

14. Canva Email Headers 

 Canva is a great tool especially for those people that are non-techie because it’s just super easy to use. It’s great for creating email headers. You just upload your image quickly there and you can change the fonts and colors to match your brand. Using a header in your emails is going to help you look professional. And it also builds some excitement when people get an email from you and they see you have this branded header. 

15. Canva Design School 

 This is kind of like LinkedIn learning, which is pretty expensive, but this one is free. They have an Interactive Online Design Course which is tutorials on branding, fonts, layouts, images, and more. A Daily Design Publication where you can read great content every day on Canva's design school blog. And also Teacher Resources Portal and Lesson Plans which is a comprehensive series of workshops and lesson plans designed for teachers to use in the classroom.  

 They show that they have like 59,000 people subscribed to some of these courses. So I would advise you to go to Canva and take a look. It's not just for using the Canva tool but these are good topics for your business in general. Canva has a paid plan which allows you to download transparent images and things like that. But you can do most of what you need to do with the free plan.

16. Canva Palette Generator

 This tool helps you to put your desired colors together. It helps you to choose a color scheme that perfectly matches your favorite images. With Canva’s color palette generator, you can create color combinations in seconds. Simply upload a photo, and it will use the hues in the photo to create your palette.

 I usually find a store or some other area that I like to use and kind of imitate. If I see colors in the store that I think will look good together or an image, Canva will do the work. You can upload the image on Canva and it will pull out all of the colors in the image and provide you with the hex codes. Then you can play around with the colors and you'll have your branding. Keep it simple, like two to three primary colors and maybe one to two kinds of lighter colors.

17. Udemy 

 Udemy is a training platform that's been out there for a while and I have used it to learn all kinds of subjects. You go there and just search whatever it is that you're looking for and it will bring up all of these instructors and all of these courses. If you want to see the reviews, just read through the reviews and see how many people have signed up for the class. 

 I would advise you to take advantage of some of the training. The classes range in price from about $10 to $30 but look for a discount code online and you'll be able to get them for about $10 to $12. It's really worth it. So I would advise all to take a look at Udemy, especially if you want to learn something new that you can incorporate into your store. 

18. Upsell/ Cross-sell

 This is something we should always be thinking about in our stores. I know that we are always thinking about opportunities to make more money, right? So Upsell, if you have a medium size and a large size, you want to figure out how to sell that large size. It's a sales technique used to get a customer to spend more by buying an upgraded or premium version of what’s being purchased.

 Cross-sell is when you're going to bundle products for you to sell more. It involves offering customers a related product or service so that they spend more money with you. 

 Most e-commerce platforms show related products or frequently bought products at the bottom of your store. In this way, customers will be able to see the products and get an idea of what works well together. There's a lot of different ways to do this and there are apps available to help you do it. 

19. Subscriptions 

 The last thing is subscriptions. Think about products that people need on a recurring basis. I also believe that it’s good to offer the subscription at a lower price. If people are willing to sign up for that product for 6 to 12 months, then they should get some kind of a discount because you're getting that money right now. 

 There's plenty of subscription services out there. One of those subscription box sites that I really like is called Cratejoy. They'll help you with the entire packaging like the design of the interior and exterior and what kind of fillings are going to be in there. They think about every little aspect of your package. They make it look super professional.

They even give you a platform to sell your subscription box where they get a certain amount of money on each sale. You can see if your product idea is a winner before you go all in. Once it becomes popular, you can take it to your own platform. 

The Hacks can help you grow your store and make lots more money so please incorporate as many as possible.

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