Five Ways your Customer Service is Hurting your Business

Good customer service is one of the best ways to retain customers. Almost 85% of people say the reason why they do not come back to visit a store is because of the bad customer experience that they had.

Keeping loyal customers is also less expensive than getting new ones. So in this article, we want to give you some help or some pointers about getting your customer service in order.


1. Leads That Don’t Convert

If a client contacts you, they're lead, and if you don't convert that lead, you're losing money. If they call you and leave a message, you want to call them back. If they email you, you need to reply to their email. You want to go equal tit for tat on how they contact you and preferably within 24 hours or less. 

You should also make sure to hit at least two touch points. If you have their email and you're somebody who shifts things out, you've got to have their home address. Do your best to reach them. Remember, the most important person in your company is your customer. So we have to take care of them.

2. Make Things Easy

You want to make things easy on your website. If they're calling in, just make it easy. Instead of having 10 clicks to get to a sale, you want to have just 2 clicks. Make it easy for your customer to buy and trust me, they'll buy it a lot faster.

If you’re selling different kinds of items on your website, make sure they have their own section and put the buy now button. You don’t want them to leave the page anymore to buy the item. Just put the buy now button on that section and bypass everything. If it’s easy for them to buy then you will sell more. 

3.  Pre-emptive Reverse Psychology

On your website, have a nice pop-up message like “thank you for checking out my website.” You welcome them with a sweet greeting before things get sour. That’s why it’s called pre-emptive. 

 When your customer orders your product, you can also stick a little thank you card in there. And once they leave your site, you can have another pop-up message like “Thanks for visiting the website, if there's something you need, let me know.” It’s pre-emptive, you want to hit them before it happens. If you’re sincere with your customers, they can't be mad at you if something goes wrong. Sincere compliments pay off. 

4. Add Some “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Je Ne Sais Quoi is a french phrase which means “I don't know what”.  This phrase was borrowed into English as an expression of a quality that makes something attractive, distinctive, or special in some way, but hard to put into words.

So as a business owner, we have a lot of things going on but it's the little things that matter to our customers. Give them something special from you. Custom stickers, tissue paper, thank you cards, and the like. Just add your special touch and those little things will really mean a lot to them.  

5. Don’t Wing It

You don't want to wing anything. You need to have a script or set of emails for consistent answers on your customer’s queries. For example, if a customer calls on the phone asking if they can return a product and someone from your store says yes but in reality, you have that no return policy. If this happens, you're not consistent with the things that you're doing in your business. You need to have the script or set of rules for consistency.

Another thing you can do if you see that you're getting the same questions from your customers over and over again is to create a FAQ document. This will not only be convenient on your part but also for your customers since they will get the answers to their questions immediately.   

You don’t have to link it to your menu bar. You can have it in your footer but have an empty document with all those common questions that you're getting and allowing your customers to help themselves. You just need to make it consistent because inconsistency is the killer of good intentions.

Sometimes You Have to Break the Rules

 Sometimes with your customers, you have to break the rules. It doesn’t happen often but it shows you can be flexible and empathetic. 

 One of my stores is a print on demand store. So basically once I get the order, the garment is custom created for my customer. So it's no return policy. People usually get what they want and I feel like my customer service is pretty good, but there are still occasions when someone will reach out to me for one issue or another.

 And I always try to maybe offer some kind of money back or some kind of discount. You try to save the sale. You want to do everything that you can to save the sale. But at the end of the day, even though my policy is absolutely no returns, I return their money. 

 This is where you have to break some of your rules to save your customers and your brand. You don't want them going on social media and backlash against your company. If they go online and write something, that's reputation damage and you have got to cushion yourself against it.

Here are 5 easy fixes to improve your businesses customer service and save 85% of your lost sales. 



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