Email Marketing Basics to Generate More Sales

Email marketing plays a big role in building relationships with customers. It can attract and retain customers with personalized messages that promote your content, brand, and product. When customers open your emails, you own their attention. Giving you more opportunities to convert.

In this article, we're going to discuss how to get people into your email funnel and how to create a welcome email series. We’re also going to discuss the popular email service providers you can use for your email marketing campaign. 

 Where to Ask People to Subscribe

This is the first part. We should know the proper places on our website or store where we can put the subscribe button or boxes where visitors can enter their email address. This is how you get people into your email sales funnel.

Announcement Bar

The announcement bar is commonly placed at the top of a website. You can use this bar to display a custom message above your site and a great way to announce a sale, promotion, important updates, and of course to ask your visitors to subscribe. 

You can put a box there where visitors can enter their email address. You don't want them to click somewhere else to get the email you want them to enter. Make it easy for them. 

Exit-intent Popup

An exit-intent popup is a popup that appears when a visitor attempts to leave the site. Usually, this is done by including an appealing offer in the popup like free shipping, discounts, and promo codes.

This is a good way of collecting the email address of your visitors because you’re giving them something in return. All of your email marketing providers are going to give you different pops up and you can design it in any way you want. 

Hero/ Header Image

The term "hero image" refers to a specific type of website banner. It is usually quite large and often sits at the top of a website. It is a good place to ask your visitors to subscribe because this is often the first thing they will see on your website.

You can put a statement like, “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” and then they just need to put their email address to get the discount. 

Spin to Win

Spin to win lets your visitors enter their email for a chance to win awesome discounts and prizes.  You can search on Google to find some apps you can integrate into your site that can do this. 

If you’re using Shopify, you can check Privy and Omnisend and they are free to use. You can tweak the design and colors to fit your brand.


What is a Welcome Email 

A welcome email is the first impression your company makes with a new customer. This will be dispatched as soon as someone subscribes to your list.

Welcome emails can deliver videos, special offers, a sign-up form, or just a friendly hello to establish a relationship with a new contact. This should also introduce potential customers to your brand and gradually introduce your products and services to them. 

You can also include a personal welcome message where they will get to know you and trust you. People spend their money with people and brands that they know and trust. 

 Welcome Series Basics 

The welcome series is also called the nurturing email series because you're nurturing your customers to get to know you in hopes of them spending  money with you. These email series will also allow your customers to build that trust in your company and your products.

Your email series should consist of 3-5 emails and you're going to drip these out over a few weeks. Email providers, which will be discussed later on, will allow you to set up automation. 

It means that you only have to create these emails one time. And then as soon as someone subscribes to your list, they'll automatically be entered into this series of emails.

In creating those emails, you want to use a lot of images and fewer words. And I say that mainly because I think that is what pushes some people off. Customers are very visual. They just want to see it but they don't want to read it. You also don’t want to be pushy or salesy in your welcome series emails. You just want to build that relationship with your customers. 

Email #1

This will be the first email and it will be sent automatically to your customers after subscribing. You want to have a nice and simple subject line like “welcome to the family”. Don’t use a lot of emojis and punctuations because we want to stay out of the spam filter. 

You also want to follow through with whatever you promise. So if you promised to give a discount code, you want that to fire off automatically to your visitor. Tell them what they can expect from you over the next 1-2 weeks. So you're letting folks know that they will get a few emails from you and that they shouldn’t be alarmed. 

You may also include your social media links on every email you send. This will help them find you on different social media platforms. When writing emails, always write in the tone of your business and include your signature. 

Email #2 

This email will be sent the day after your initial email. So when they click subscribe, that's day zero, they're going to get an immediate email from you right after that, and they're going to get this email number two the next day. 

In this email, you need to give 3-5 benefits of your products or services and include an image if possible. You're telling them a little bit more about your brand and what you offer. Just make it fun and include your social media links and your signature sign off. 

Email #3

This email will be sent 2-3 days after email #2. It will include client testimonials and the products that they mentioned. You may have a picture of your customer holding the product and below that is their testimonial. Be creative and just highlight how your product or service helped and satisfied your customer. 

You want to do that for about three products and not too many. And just like other emails, don’t be pushy and salesy. You may include a button that says “view” and not “shop”. 

Email #4

This will be going to fire off 3-4 days after email #3. Keep in mind that these emails are all set up in automation. So you really don’t need to think of these all the time and sitting there counting the days when to send it. 

In this email, you’re going to remind them of a discount to shop. You can show some of your popular products and include the price with the discount. So if your product normally sells at  $50, you may want to slash it to $40. You want your customers to get something as well in your emails like discounts. 

Email #5

This email is going to fire off 3-4 days after email #4 and it will be the final email in the welcome series. This is where you're going to show your fun side again. You’re going to ask them to join you on social media and include the actual links on your email.

You need to have Facebook because pretty much everyone is on Facebook. Instagram is optional, but if you have that kind of brand where your images are really fun and engaging, you definitely want to include Instagram. Pinterest is also good. Just be on platforms where you want your customers to find you and also think about where your customers are. 


After Welcome Series Ends 

After almost 2 weeks of sending them your welcome series, you have nurtured your relationship with your customers. You don't just want to leave them hanging and hopefully by this time they have already purchased with you. 

So what you’re going to do is continue to send them regular emails. Remember sale, engage, and building trust. That is the whole point of the emails that you're sending out to your customers. Ideally, you may send 2 emails a week. One email that is product-based, and one that shares something of interest in your niche like a blog post or article you came across. It should be conversational and not geared towards selling. 

 Popular Email Providers 

These are the popular email providers you can use for your email marketing. They have different features and can be integrated into a lot of platforms. In choosing a provider, you must identify the features you need and also consider the subscription fees. 


This is one of those popular apps on Shopify. It provides exit pop-ups, email marketing, text, upsell, and cart recovery services. Privy’s integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus lets you set up your account in seconds & get your first campaign live right away for free.


This is an all-in-one omnichannel marketing automation platform that provides email and SMS services. Omnisend works with all e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more.


Klaviyo is an e-commerce email marketing, social advertising, SMS, and analysis platform that offers 100+ pre-built integrations ranging from shipping solutions to rewards programs. You can integrate it with Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, or custom platforms so you can analyze data in one place.


This is one of the biggest and a dominant player in the email marketing services.  Besides email marketing, it comes with all the important features that let you convert your visitors into subscribers and customers. You can connect it to your WordPress website or e-commerce store. It also offers pre-built templates and ready-made segments so that you can create professional emails in an instant.


MailerLite is an email marketing service provider that focuses on simplicity, excellent customer support, and beautiful email designs. Its user-friendly software allows you to quickly create your beautiful email campaigns, track their results, manage subscribers and unsubscribers, design custom popups, landing pages, and many more.


Seguno is the only complete email solution that lets you create, manage, and track your email marketing without leaving Shopify. It is natively integrated with both the Shopify admin and mobile app. It also has a library of email templates for newsletters and you can create custom ones yourself.

Final Note 

With this guide that we provided, it will help you kickstart your email marketing campaign. But just like any other marketing strategy, there is no one size fits all. You must try and test what works for you and your customers. 

Always remember that email is your customer’s personal inbox. So you need to create email content as if you are talking to them. Customers will be more engaging if they feel that they are important and being taken care of.


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